Logo and Color Standards

TCC Logo

Tarrant County CollegeThe TCC logo is placed in a prominent location on all official College materials.The TCC logo is the primary element of the College's visual identity. It presents a standardized, definitive visual symbol that ensures continuity of identity for a wide range of uses such as stationery, business cards, forms, event signs, merchandise, etc.

Logo Construction

The TCC logo is made up of two graphic elements:

  • Logotype: Tarrant County College
  • Mark: five-pointed star

In all uses, these two elements work together as one unit and should not be separated.

Official TCC Logos for Download

Achieving the Dream™ Logo

Achieving the Dream™ should be represented on all TCC publications but should not overpower the main TCC logo.

TCC is proud to have been designated as Achieving the Dream Leader College – a recognition of accomplishment in the national effort to improve student success. As a result, TCC is entitled to use the ATD Leader College Mark of Distinction logo within all marketing materials.

Achieving the Dream (ATD) Leader College Logos for Download

Color Variations are available upon request.

Official Colors

TCC's official colors are navy, teal, burgundy and tan.

For printing and reproduction purposes, shades of color are based on the Pantone Matching System® (PMS).

Primary Colors

Navy 289  100, 68, 0, 39 0,43,92 #002b5c
Teal 3155 100, 0, 15, 36 0,120,138 #00788a
Burgundy 202 0, 100, 66, 42 152,0,46 #98002e

Secondary Color

Tan 4525 0, 3, 37, 22 218,199,146 #dac792


When the TCC logotype is placed on a background color field, the background color field ideally will provide contrast that preserves the TCC logotype’s legibility.

For more details on TCC graphics standards guidelines, refer to the Graphic Identity Standards Manual (PDF will open in a new window).



Updated June 10, 2015


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