Faculty and Staff Student Success Grants

Title III, Project SSStrong, Achieving the Dream Leader College In alignment with our goals, Title III Project SSStrong awarded Student Success Grants (2010–2013) to faculty and staff who piloted new and promising strategies for increasing student success in developmental education.

Grant Criteria


Title III Project SSStrong looked for projects that promoted student success and that:

  • Encouraged collaboration across campuses
  • Incorporated new and innovative initiatives
  • Were scalable and could impact a larger student population


To be considered, you had to include in your application:

  • Clear project goals and objectives
  • Project time line
  • Measurable outcomes
  • Explanation of how project will be sustained
  • Explanation of proposed project’s impact on student success
  • Proposed budget
  • Evaluation process

Project Evaluation

To ensure that grants were being used effectively, an assessment of progress was submitted at the end of each semester and at the project’s completion.

The semester update included:

  • Brief description of project activities for the semester
  • Summary of progress toward project goals and objectives
  • Brief discussion of obstacles encountered and addressed in project implementation
  • Brief summary of any “lessons learned”

Grant Recipients

Effective projects moved forward for additional study and evaluation to determine the feasibility of scaling and replicating those projects across the District.



Anthony Walker, Director of Student Success and Completion
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Jody Wasson, Student Success and Title III Administrative Assistant
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