2010-2011 Awards

Supporting Student Success Grants

  • TSI Assessment Reading Diagnostic versus A+Advancer
    Anita Biber, Northwest Campus

  • Wimba Outreach Intermediate Algebra
    Jo Tucker, Southeast Campus

  • Supplemental Instruction Expansion in Mathematics
    Brunilda Santiago, Southeast Campus

  • Academic Recovery Mentors
    Zachary Frohlich and Vesta Martinez, Northwest Campus

  • Inspired Ideas Writing Method
    Alma L. Humphrey, Northwest Campus

  • Analysis and Redesign of Transition to College Success Course
    Kristin Byrd, Southeast Campus

  • Discovery Tutor Training
    Adrian Rodriguez, Trinity River Campus

  • PreAlgebra Study Teams
    Ann Triplett, Northeast Campus

  • Math 0304 Workshop
    Vilma Manteiga, Northwest Campus

  • Freshman Guide to Health Occupations and Faculty Advising/Tutoring Guide
    Paul Luyster, South Campus

  • Math 0304 Video Reviews/Study Guide (funded through institutional funds)
    Jon James, Northwest Campus



Anthony Walker, Director of Student Success and Completion
Fax 817-515-0454

Jody Wasson, Student Success and Title III Administrative Assistant
Fax 817-515-0454




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