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Title III, Project SSStrong, Achieving the Dream Leader College In alignment with our goals, Title III Project SSStrong:

  • Sponsors peer tutors to support learning
  • Funds software to track tutoring trends in labs on each campus

Instructional Support

Tutoring continues to be a vital component of TCC students' success.

The strategy of integrating student development services with instruction is an increasingly acknowledged approach to improving students' academic success, persistence and completion of instructional goals

Tutoring is one of the student support services that can effectively support the success of students in developmental courses.


Title III Project SSStrong funds purchased TutorTrac, a Web-based software, to measure lab usage on each of the 5 campuses during the 2011-2012 academic year.

TutorTrac records:

  • When, how often, and for what reasons students go in for tutoring
  • The subjects/courses for which students go to a lab or request tutoring
  • Tutors who worked with students

This information helps TCC help students. The usage data helps us determine how many tutors we need and measure the impact tutoring has on student success in courses.

2011-2012 Academic Results

  • 30 labs actively using TutorTrac
  • 270,000 lab visits tracked

Mathematics, Fall 2011

Success rate for students who:

  • Visited the Southeast Campus Tutoring Center at least once: 66%
  • Did not visit the Southeast Campus Tutoring Center: 51%

Reading 0363, Fall 2011

Success rate for students who:

  • Visited the Southeast Campus Reading Tutoring Lab at least once: 74%
  • Did not visit the Southeast Campus Reading Tutoring Lab: 52%


Labs and centers using TutorTrac: 31

Year Number of Lab Visits
2010-2011 n/a
2011-2012 314,050
2012-2013 377,966
2013-2014 366,216
2014-2015 In Progress


Year Number of Students
2010-2011 n/a
2011-2012 33,054
2012-2013 38,755
2013-2014 39,959
2014-2015 In Progress



Anthony Walker, Director of Student Success and Completion
Fax 817-515-0454

Jody Wasson, Student Success and Title III Administrative Assistant
Fax 817-515-0454




Updated May 13, 2015


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