Goal 3: Promote Institutional Effectiveness

Promote institutional effectiveness through continuous improvement, collaboration with and service to the community, employee engagement, professional development and optimal environment conducive to quality teaching and learning

Strategies in the Vision 2015 plan that support this goal:

3.1 Update and execute the technology plan based on the district strategic plan

3.2 Develop and implement a strategic real estate and facilities master plan

3.3 Develop a process improvement program for TCC and implement the program across the organization

3.4 Develop a comprehensive professional development program for all employees

3.5 Revise and execute a comprehensive marketing plan

3.6 Update the systematic process used to assess and improve administrative and educational support services units and implement revisions

3.7 Develop increased opportunities for collaboration and service to the community

3.8 Enhance employee engagement and satisfaction

3.9 Develop and implement an emergency management plan


Updated April 09, 2015


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