Automotive Collision Repair

TCC South Campus has two certificate programs in Auto Collision Repair. The courses in each certificate provide the basic skills necessary to work in an auto collision repair shop. The class format is both lecture and hands-on in the body shop.

Students may choose to take one or opt to take them all. Those who complete all the courses listed below will receive the relevant continuing education program certificate.

Automotive Metal Repair

Provides instruction on systems and practical skills in basic and minor metal repair, structural and damage repair, as well as auto body mechanical and electrical service.

  • Basic Metal Repair
  • Auto Body Welding
  • Minor Metal Repair
  • Structural Analysis and Damage Repair
  • Automotive Mechanical and Electrical Services

Automotive Refinishing

Provides instruction on systems and practical skills in basic, intermediate, and advanced refinishing, and specialized topics in automotive body repair techniques.

  • Basic Refinishing
  • Special Topics in Automotive Body Repair
  • Intermediate Refinishing
  • Advanced Refinishing
  • Special Refinishing Techniques
  • Additional Course
  • Auto Restoration Basics (Summer Only)


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Updated August 07, 2014


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