S.M.A.R.T. Camp 2014 Courses

Course Schedule

June 9–26, 2014

8 a.m.–noon

  • 318104 AERX-6100-20040 STC: Aeronautics
  • 318106 MTHX-6000-20042 STC: Mathletics
  • 314693 CSCX-6060-20028 STC: Nanotechnology
  • 318108 BIOX-2000-20044 STC: Greenhouses-Horticulture
  • 314645 CSCX-6030-20018 STC: Engineering Design

1–5 p.m.

  • 314696 CSCX-6050-20032 STC: Computer Programming
  • 314697 CSCX-6020-20018 STC: Interactive Anatomy & Physiology
  • 314700 CSCX-6010-20034 STC: Hydraulics & Pneumatics
  • 314704 CSCX-6040-20036 STC: Cells Alive
  • 314705 CSCX-6030-20038 STC: Engineering Design

Admission Sections

  • 0314509 GENX-7100-20002 AM
  • 0314512 GENX-7100-20004 PM

Course Descriptions

STC: Aeronautics
Study of the general principles of the physical laws of flight. Topics include physical terms and the four forces of flight: lift, weight, thrust, and drag. Aircraft design, stability control and high-speed flight characteristics are also included.

STC: Mathletics
This class is an experience in physical education, sports, geometry and algebra. Through games, activities and team exercises students will use geometry and algebra while on the court and on the field.

STC: Nanotechnology
An introduction into the rapidly emerging and revolutionary field of nanotechnology including applications, devices, Nano scale, Nano fabrication processes, the future of Nano technology, careers in the Nano technology field and related safety issues.

STC: Greenhouses-Horticulture
An overview of the horticulture industry, plant science, terminology, classification, propagation, environmental responses, and careers and opportunities in the field of horticulture. Basic concepts in greenhouse construction; calculate heating, cooling, and light requirements  and select appropriate equipment.

STC: Engineering Design
Mechanical drafting and Solid Modeling. Product development and prototype production utilizing three- dimensional printing (3D Printer).

STC: Computer  Programming
An introductory  look at PC programming using Visual BASIC for Applications  and Visual BASIC. Includes application and game programming.

STC: Interactive  Anatomy & Physiology
A hands on introduction to the normal structure of the human body, including functions of human cells, tissues and organs, and skeletal, muscular and nervous systems for the scientist at heart.

STC: Hydraulics & Pneumatics
Powering machines and equipment with Pneumatic and Hydraulic force. Hands on training with pumps, cylinders, valves, motors, and related systems including operations, maintenance  and system analysis.

STC: Cells Alive
An advanced study of cell structure and behaviors through the use of computer animation. Students will develop their own interactive game through software development. A behavioral study of the relationship between chromosomes and how the react to one another.



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