Associate of Arts Degree

The purpose of this degree program is to provide curricula that enable students to enter as juniors at the four-year institution of their choice. While the liberal arts curricula suggested in this Catalog will satisfy the requirements of most senior institutions, it is the students' responsibility to identify as early as possible the institution to which they will transfer and to ascertain the specific requirements of that institution for the freshman and sophomore year. Each student's curriculum should be planned by the student and academic advisor with a specific four-year institution in mind.

Students who attend TCC for one or two years and transfer to four-year colleges or universities should have no difficulty completing transfer of credits if these steps are followed:

  1. Select a major field of study and a senior college or university which offers a bachelor's degree in the chosen field.
  2. Write or visit the admissions office of the senior college or university and obtain a current copy of its catalog. Study the freshman and sophomore courses suggested.
  3. See a TCC academic advisor or counselor to help you select TCC courses corresponding to those offered for freshman and sophomore years at the senior college or university.
  4. Complete the courses with a grade point average of at least 2.0 (C average).
  5. Early in your last semester at TCC, apply for admission to the senior college or university and ask the TCC Admissions Office to send the institution to which you are transferring a transcript of your credits.

Bachelor's degrees awarded by most four-year colleges and universities require 120 semester hours, or approximately four years of study. The A.A. degree certifies completion of the first two years of study, or a minimum of 64 semester hours.

A list of program offerings is available online along with our degree and certificate plans.


Updated August 22, 2013


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