Course Descriptions

AERM-1101 - Introduction to Aviation
AERM-1205 - Weight and Balance
AERM-1208 - Federal Aviation Regulations
AERM-1243 - Instruments & Navigation/Communication
AERM-1254 - Aircraft Composites
AERM-1303 - Shop Practices
AERM-1310 - Ground Operations
AERM-1314 - Basic Electricity
AERM-1315 - Aviation Science
AERM-1344 - Aircraft Reciprocating Engines
AERM-1345 - Airframe Electrical Systems
AERM-1347 - Airframe Auxiliary Systems
AERM-1349 - Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Fuel Systems
AERM-1350 - Landing Gear Systems
AERM-1351 - Aircraft Turbine Engine Theory
AERM-1357 - Fuel Metering and Induction Systems
AERM-1391 - Sp Top Aircraft Mech/Tech Airframe
AERM-1452 - Aircraft Sheet Metal
AERM-1456 - Aircraft Powerplant Electrical
AERM-2171 - Oral and Practical Exams, General Spec Topics Aircraft Mech/Tech Airframe
AERM-2172 - Oral and Practical Exams, Airframe
AERM-2173 - Oral and Practical Exams, Powerplant
AERM-2231 - Airframe Inspection
AERM-2233 - Assembly and Rigging
AERM-2252 - Aircraft Powerplant Inspection
AERM-2259 - Advanced Composite Repair
AERM-2351 - Aircraft Turbine Engine Overhaul Turbine Engine Overhaul
AIRP-1215 - Private Flight
AIRP-1255 - Intermediate Flight
AIRP-1271 - Intermediate Flight, Helicopter
AIRP-1301 - Air Navigation
AIRP-1313 - Introduction to Aviation
AIRP-1341 - Advanced Air Navigation
AIRP-1343 - Aerodynamics
AIRP-1347 - Human Factors in Aviation
AIRP-1351 - Instrument Ground School
AIRP-2236 - Certified Flight Instructor - Airplane
AIRP-2239 - Commercial Flight
AIRP-2242 - Flight Instructor - Instrument Airplane
AIRP-2250 - Instrument Flight
AIRP-2270 - Instrument Flight, Helicopter
AIRP-2271 - Commercial Flight, Helicopter
AIRP-2272 - Certified Flight Instructor, Helicopter
AIRP-2273 - Flight Instructor-Instrument Helicopter
AIRP-2333 - Aircraft Systems
AIRP-2337 - Commercial Ground School
AIRP-2349 - Instructor Ground School
AVNC-1303 - Intro to Aviation Electronic Systems
AVNC-1370 - Aircraft Comm Systems Line Maintenance Maintenance
AVNC-1371 - Aircraft Navigation Syst Line Maintenanc Maintenance


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