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Dance Specialization

Career Coach buttonAn 18-hour dance specialization is available for students on Northeast and Northwest Campuses who have a strong interest in dance technique and performance. 

Reasons to Complete the Specialization

  • Transfer to a university-level dance program
  • Promotion or pay raise for dance studio teachers
  • Opportunity to broaden technical and performance experience in dance

Specialization Course Requirements: 18 Credit Hours

  • Modern Dance - 4 semesters (4 credit hours)
  • Ballet - 4 semesters (4 credit hours)
  • Jazz and/or Tap - 2 semesters (2 credit hours)
  • Dance Performance - 2 semesters (2 credit hours)
  • Dance Appreciation - 1 semester (3 credit hours)
  • Dance Composition - 1 semester (3 credit hours)

At the completion of 18 hours in the dance specialization, the student will receive a written recognition of accomplishments in dance technique and performance.

This dance specialization is not a certificate of completion.

This program is offered for students who wish to transfer to a university to pursue a degree in dance.



Updated June 03, 2014


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