Selective Admissions Process

A committee selects applicants to the program each year. If you submitted a complete application, you will be notified of your status within the first week of March.

Selections are based on the your accumulative grade point average plus bonus points earned. Bonus points can be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Completion of degree-specific general education courses with a C or higher prior to applying. Science courses must have been completed within 5 years of program deadline date.
  • Completion of college-level courses with a C or higher from a regionally accredited college or university. Points are awarded proportionately to the number of semester hours completed.
  • Bachelor's degree.
  • Work experience in the field, for select programs only.
    Documentation of work experience required: Documentation of Work/Observation Experience Form and Instructions (PDF will open in new window)

Before You Apply

  • The College admissions process must be complete before you can apply to the program.
  • You can only apply to 2 selective admissions programs per year. Both programs must have differing deadline dates.
  • Application packets are available from November 1 through the first weekday of February.
  • This program will remain at the Northeast Campus in Hurst.

Ways to Make Yourself a Competitive Applicant

  • Make A's and B's in most–if not all–college courses.
  • Confirm that you have met the TSI requirements for credit course enrollment.
  • Complete all science courses:
    • BIOL 2401*
    • BIOL 2402*
    • BIOL 2420*
    • CHEM 1406*
    *For selection purposes, science lab courses completed online will not earn bonus points.
  • Make the most of the Documentation of Work/Observation Experience Form and Instructions (PDF will open in a new window) bonus point(s) option.
  • Make sure you read carefully and follow all directions provided through the website and application packet.

How to Get an Application Packet

Application packets are available only from November 1 through the first weekday in February each year.

Learn More About Our Program

Read our Dental Hygiene Program General Information (PDF will open in a new window)

Applying for Dental Hygiene for Fall 2016?

Be aware the application process may change, effective Fall 2015, but will not be official until the end of Spring 2015.

These changes will not apply to applicants for the Fall 2014-Spring 2015 application cycle.

Any courses you may have taken prior to Fall 2015 that were required for the A.A.S in Dental Hygiene will most likely be required as you continue in an A.A.S to B.S program.

Proposed Changes


  • Health Education System, Inc. (HESI) Admission Exam

You will have to complete the HESI exam for Dental Hygiene, but do not take the HESI exam now.

The current HESI exam is for nursing applicants. We are in the process of identifying the parts of the test that will be used for Dental Hygiene applicants. Please wait for details to be posted here.

Note: The HESI exam for Dental Hygiene may not be available until September 2015.

  • TOEFL iBT®

If you did not graduate from a high school in the United States or on a U.S. military installation where English was the primary language, you will have to complete the TOEFL iBT® test.

Learn more about the TOEFL/IELTS Instructions (PDF will open in a new window).


Application Limit

You will be able to apply only 3 times to our Dental Hygiene Program.


Science Course Requirements

All science curriculum courses will have to be completed within 5 years of the submission of your application to the Dental Hygiene Program. Any sciences older than 5 years will need to be re-taken.

  • BIOL 2401
  • BIOL 2402
  • BIOL 2420
  • CHEM 1406

Only the highest grade from your first 2 attempts on any science course will be considered for admission.

  • Exception: A science course that you are required to take more than 2 times because it was older than 5 years.
  • Any course withdrawals will be considered 1 of the 2 attempts.


English Course Requirements

ENGL 1301 will no longer be required



Debra Krebs, Dental Hygiene and Emergency Medical Services Advisement
Northeast Campus
Building NFAC, Room 1109
828 W. Harwood Road
Hurst, TX 76054

Health Sciences Department
Northeast Campus
Building NHSC, Room 1131
828 W. Harwood Road
Hurst, TX 76054



Updated May 20, 2015


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