Healthy Meal Planning

Do I need to apply to this program?

This 9-hour marketable skills achievement award (MSA) program is open admission. You do not have to fill out a program application. 


How to I enroll in this program?

Complete your TCC Active Apply Admission Application and select this certificate as your major.


What is this MSA?

The curriculum for the Healthy Meal Planning MSA gives you the knowledge and training you need in meal planning to meet the nutritional requirements of the general population. 

See the list of required coursesListen (PDF will open in a new window)


How does this MSA fit in with my studies?

You can complete this MSA:

  • By itself and without completing a degree
  • As part of your A.A.S. degree in Dietetic Technician
  • As elective for your Associate of Arts degree   

If you are completing the A.A. degree with the intention to transfer to a Registered Dietitian program, we recommend you complete certificates in both Healthy Meal Planning and Nutrition Specialist I.


What topics are covered?

  • Nutrient digestion and absorption
  • Food sources of nutrients
  • Nutrition requirements
  • Components of a healthy meal
  • Healthy vs. undesirable food choices
  • Basic food preparation technique
  • Functions of ingredients in cooking
  • Use of commercial kitchen equipment
  • Estimating nutrition requirements
  • Recipes and menu modifications
  • Factors to consider in meal planning


How can I use this MSA?

This marketable skills achievement award will help you get an entry-level job in the dietetics field. 

You will be able to use your skills in a variety of settings, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Schools and daycare centers


How much will this program cost?

Program Component Estimated Cost
Tuition $ 495
Books 500
Uniforms and Shoes 150
Total $1,145


Updated November 24, 2015


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