Course Descriptions

Oral Communication

ESOL-0301 - Low-Advanced Oral Communication
ESOL-0302 - Mid-Advanced Oral Communication 
ESOL-0303 - High-Advanced Oral Communication 

These courses develop listening and speaking skills in speakers of languages other than English and prepare you to function in educational, vocational and/or personal English-speaking contexts.


Grammar and Writing

ESOL-0304 - Low-Advanced Grammar and Writing
ESOL-0305 - Mid-Advanced Grammar and Writing
ESOL-0306 - High-Advanced Grammar and Writing

These courses focus on Standard English grammar usage for academic purposes.


Reading and Vocabulary

ESOL-0307- Low-Advanced Reading and Vocabulary
ESOL-0308- Mid-Advanced Reading and Vocabulary 
ESOL-0309- High-Advanced Reading and Vocabulary 

These courses develop English reading proficiency and vocabulary for academic, career or personal purposes in speakers of languages other than English and prepare you to function in a multicultural, multilingual society.



ESOL-0310 - Low-Advanced Composition
ESOL-0311 - Mid-Advanced Composition 
ESOL-0312 - High-Advanced Composition

These courses focus on strategies and techniques of writing and composition.



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