Course Descriptions

FIRS-1301 - Firefighter Certification I
FIRS-1313 - Firefighter Certification III
FIRS-1319 - Firefighter Certification IV
FIRS-1323 - Firefighter Certification V
FIRS-1329 - Firefighter Certification VI
FIRT-1301 - Fundamentals of Fire Protection
FIRT-1307 - Fire Prevention Codes and Inspections
FIRT-1309 - Fire Administration I
FIRT-1311 - Fire Service Hydraulics
FIRT-1315 - Hazardous Materials I
FIRT-1329 - Building Codes and Construction
FIRT-1338 - Fire Protection Systems
FIRT-1349 - Fire Administration II
FIRT-1391 - Spec Topic Fire Protect/Safety Tech
FIRT-1433 - Fire Chemistry I
FIRT-2309 - Firefighting Strategies and Tactics I
FIRT-2331 - Firefighting Strategies and Tactics II
FIRT-2388 - Internship Fire Protection & Safety Tech


Updated August 05, 2014


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