Why Learn French?

French Is International

line of people from all over the world

Learning French can help you succeed in a global community.

French is:

French Can Improve Your Academic Performance

Universites de Paris etched in marble over door

Studying French:

  • Helps you expand your English vocabulary because 50% English vocabulary is derived from French (You probably already know more French words than you think you do!)
  • Develops creative, critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Opens doors to graduate school and research opportunities as well as medicine, engineering, science and technology

French is Modern

the Champs-Elysée full of cars at night

France is a leader and innovator in science and technology:

  • Aeronautics: Airbus, Aerospatiale, Ariane
  • Telecommunications: micro-chip cards, fiber optics
  • Civil engineering: The Chunnel, TGV (high-speed train), the Millau Viaduc
  • Medical technologies: HIV research, nanobiology, organ transplants

French Is Fun

modern art in fountain


  • Is a melodious and romantic language
  • Is known as the language of culture--cinema, art, music, dance, fashion, and cuisine
  • Enhances travel abroad because you can communicate in Europe, the Caribbean and many African countries
  • Is the third most used language on the Internet and opens access to thousands of Web pages
  • Opens access to understanding, appreciation and respect of others across an array of Francophone cultures



Updated August 22, 2013


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