Recommended Course of Study

Before a student registers for class, they pose a few questions:

  1. How many classes do I want to take this semester - part time or full time?
  2. How many days or nights do each class meet?
  3. What are the prerequisites for the classes that I want to take?
  4. What order should I take classes?

Part-Time and Full-Time Students

All HART/MAIR classes are four (4) semester hour courses.

  • Full-Time Student: A student who takes three (3) HART classes.
  • Part-Time Student: A student who takes less than twelve (12) semester hours per semester. 

Class Meetings

All HART and MAIR classes meet once a week except for the following classes, which meet twice a week:

  • HART-1407 Refrigeration Principles
  • HART-1445 Gas and Electric Heating
  • HART-2442 Commercial Refrigeration

Class Prerequisites

All HART and MAIR classes have prerequisites except the first four (4) classes, which are as follows:

  • HART-1401 Basic Electricity for HVAC
  • HART-1407 Refrigeration Technology
  • HART-2438 Air Conditioning Installation/Startup
  • HART-2445 Air Conditioning Systems Design

Course Sequence

The Recommended Course of Study details what courses are best taken during each semester (section). This recommendation is to help students understand what order to take classes. It is the student's choice if he/she wants to take Advanced Electricity the next semester after Basic Electricity for HVAC, so the information he/she learned is still fresh in mind.  

Please realize that this is just an example of a course of study, and note that HART-2442 Commercial Refrigeration is required before taking HART-2436 Air Conditioning Troubleshooting and HART-2449 Heat Pumps. 

Please view the HART Program Prerequisites located in the Related Links section to know what prerequisites are required for each class.

A Potential Course of Study is as followed by semester:

1st Section - HART-1401, HART-1407 and HART-2438

2nd Section - HART-2431, HART-2445 and MAIR-1449

3rd Section - HART-1445, HART-1403 and HART-2442

4th Section - HART-2436 and HART-2449



Updated August 14, 2014


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