Credit Course Descriptions

HART-1400 - HVAC Duct Fabrication
HART-1401 - Basic Electricity for HVAC
HART-1403 - Air Conditioning Control Principles
HART-1407 - Refrigeration Principles
HART-1441 - Residential Air Conditioning
HART-1445 - Gas and Electric Heating
HART-1491 - Special Topics in Heating, AC & Refrig
HART-2402 - Commercial Air Conditioning System Dsgn
HART-2431 - Advanced Electricity for HVAC
HART-2434 - Advanced Air Conditioning Controls
HART-2436 - Air Conditioning Troubleshooting
HART-2438 - Air Conditioning Installation/Startup
HART-2441 - Commercial Air Conditioning
HART-2442 - Commercial Refrigeration
HART-2443 - Industrial Air Conditioning
HART-2445 - Air Conditioning Systems Design
HART-2445 - Residential AC Systems Design
HART-2449 - Heat Pumps
HART-2457 - Specialized Commercial Refrigeration


Updated September 17, 2014


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