Career Coach buttonThe Humanities study the creative legacy of human culture. There are many disciplines included in the study of human beings and the cultural products they create, including anthropology, philosophy, history, language, literature, geography, fine arts, and political science.

The Humanities are about "human ties" or the connective thread that unites all of humanity, past, present and future. Examining what it means to be human, whether though an ancient Greek sculpture, a Renaissance invention, or a contemporary American political debate, is at the heart of the Humanities. Critical thinking, creativity, and self-expression are skills that are valued and developed in Humanities courses at TCC.

Humanities at TCC:

  • Connect to almost every other college discipline.
  • Develop skills employers look for-like creativity, critical thinking, and global awareness.
  • Promote active participation in the learning process.
  • Inspire and empower students with relevant subject matter and big ideas.
  • Encourage students to think independently and develop opinions.
  • Offer something for all interests-whether it's art, history or politics.
  • Transfer to any Texas state college or university with completion of the core curriculum.
  • Faculty are dedicated and student-centered with fresh ideas and interactive methods.



Northwest Campus
Kim Jackson

South Campus
Carlos Rovelos

Southeast Campus
Kristina Elizondo

Trinity River Campus
Justin Brumit


Updated August 27, 2013


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