Course Descriptions

BCIS-1305 - Business Computer Applications
COSC-1301 - Introduction to Computing
COSC-1420 - "C" Programming I
COSC-1436 - Programming Fundamentals I
COSC-1437 - Programming Fundamentals II
COSC-2425 - Computer Organization
COSC-2436 - Programming Fundamentals III
CPMT-1311 - Introduction to Computer Maintenance
CPMT-1345 - Computer Systems Maintenance
CPMT-1351 - It Essentials: Pc Hardware and Software
CPMT-1405 - IT Essentials I: PC Hardware & Software
CPMT-1449 - Computer Networking Technology
CPMT-1491 - Special Topics Computer Maintenance Tech
CPMT-1491 - A+ Certification Training (Spe Topics)
CPMT-2402 - Home Technology Integration
CPMT-2433 - Computer Integration
CPMT-2437 - Microcomputer Interfacing
EECT-1391 - Special Topics Elec/Comm Engr Tech
EECT-2435 - Telecommunications
EECT-2439 - Communications Circuits
GAME-1302 - Interactive Storyboarding
GAME-1304 - Level Design
GAME-1314 - Character Sculpting
GAME-1403 - Introduction to Game Design/Development
GAME-1443 - Game and Simulation Programming I
GAME-1459 - Game/Simulation Programming II
GAME-2308 - Portfolio for Game Development
GAME-2402 - Mathematical Applications for Game Dev
GAME-2412 - Interactive Audio
INEW-2434 - Advanced Web Programming
ITCC-1308 - Intro Voice Over Internet Protocol
ITCC-1401 - Exploration-Network Fundamentals
ITCC-1404 - Cisco Exploration 2 - Routing Protocols
ITCC-2341 - CCNA Security
ITCC-2408 - Cisco Explore 3 LAN Switching Wireless
ITCC-2410 - Cisco Exploration 4 - Accessing The WAN
ITCC-2440 - CCNP 3: Multilayer Switching
ITCC-2454 - CCNP Routing-Implementing IP Routing
ITCC-2455 - CCNP Switch-Implementing IP Switching
ITCC-2456 - CCNP TSHOOT - Maint/Tshoot IP Networks
ITNW-1313 - Computer Virtualization
ITNW-1351 - Fundamentals of Wireless LANs
ITNW-1372 - VMware vSphere: Install/Configure/Manag
ITNW-1373 - EMC Information Storage Management
ITNW-1392 - ST Comp Systems Networking & Telecommun
ITNW-1408 - Implement/Support Client Operating Syst
ITNW-1425 - Fundamentals of Networking Technologies
ITNW-1454 - Implementing and Supporting Servers
ITNW-1491 - ST, Information Science and Systems
ITNW-1492 - Spec Top Comp Syst Networking/Telecomm
ITSC-1305 - Introduction to PC Operating Systems
ITSC-1316 - Linux Installation and Configuration
ITSC-1407 - UNIX Operating System I
ITSC-1425 - Personal Computer Hardware
ITSC-1491 - Sp Top: Comp/Info Sciences General
ITSE-1411 - Beginning Web Programming
ITSE-1430 - Introduction to C# Programming
ITSE-1450 - System Analysis and Design
ITSE-1491 - Special Topics in Computer Programming
ITSE-2402 - Intermediate Web Programming
ITSE-2405 - Windows Programming (Visual Basic)
ITSE-2409 - Database Programming
ITSE-2417 - Java Programming
ITSY-1300 - Fundamentals of Information Security
ITSY-2400 - Operating System Security
ITSY-2401 - Firewalls and Network Security
ITSY-2443 - Computer System Forensics
ITSY-2459 - Security Assessment and Auditing


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