Library Technology

Career Coach buttonLibraries are essential components of the Information Age because they help manage the enormous amounts of data produced. Special training is needed in order to organize, store and retrieve this information. The field of Library Technology responds to this need.

The TCC Library Technology Program offered on Trinity River Campus provides academic preparation and practical experience to prepare paraprofessionals who support librarians in diverse settings:

  • Schools and colleges
  • Public libraries
  • Businesses
  • Law firms
  • Hospitals
  • Museums
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Federal government agencies

Learn How to Find Answers

Library Technicians are trained to perform the daily operations of a library or information center:

  • Help librarians acquire, organize and manage information
  • Help library patrons find what they need
  • Catalog library materials
  • Manage circulation and inter-library loans
  • Work in media centers
  • Use a variety of computer databases and programs
  • Operate behind the scenes in the technical processing of information
  • Collaborate within networks to deliver library services to libraries

Why Study Library Technology?

Library Technicians:

  • Work with a variety of people in different environments
  • Enjoy the challenges of learning new skills to keep pace with the Information Age



Trinity River Campus
Mary Hallak, Career and Technology Advisor



Updated June 25, 2015


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