Course Descriptions

MUAP-1190 - Private Music Lessons
MUAP-1191 - Private Music Lessons
MUAP-1290 - Private Music Lessons
MUAP-1291 - Private Music Lessons
MUAP-1292 - Private Music Lessons
MUAP-2291 - Private Music Lessons
MUAP-2292 - Private Music Lessons
MUSI-1157 - Opera Workshop I
MUSI-1160 - Italian Diction
MUSI-1163 - Jazz Improvisation I
MUSI-1164 - Jazz Improvisation II
MUSI-1181 - Class Piano I
MUSI-1182 - Class Piano II
MUSI-1183 - Class Voice
MUSI-1192 - Class Guitar I
MUSI-1192 - Class Guitar
MUSI-1193 - Class Guitar II
MUSI-1211 - Music Theory I
MUSI-1211 - Harmony I
MUSI-1212 - Music Theory II
MUSI-1216 - Sight Singing and Ear Training I
MUSI-1216 - Ear Training I
MUSI-1217 - Sight Singing and Ear Training II
MUSI-1286 - Music Composition I
MUSI-1287 - Music Composition II
MUSI-1301 - Music Reading
MUSI-1301 - Fundamentals of Music
MUSI-1304 - Foundations of Music
MUSI-1306 - Music Appreciation
MUSI-1307 - Music Literature
MUSI-1310 - American Music
MUSI-1390 - Electronic Music I
MUSI-1390 - Musical Instr Digital Interface(MIDI) I
MUSI-1391 - Electronic Music II
MUSI-1391 - Mus Instr Digit Interface II
MUSI-2181 - Piano Class III
MUSI-2182 - Piano Class IV
MUSI-2192 - Class Guitar III
MUSI-2193 - Class Guitar IV
MUSI-2211 - Harmony III
MUSI-2211 - Music Theory III
MUSI-2212 - Music Theory IV
MUSI-2216 - Ear Training III
MUSI-2216 - Sight Singing and Ear Training III
MUSI-2217 - Sight Singing and Ear Training IV


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