campuses and Facilities ARE CLOSED.

All TCC campuses and facilities are immediately closed for Friday, February 27.

All evening activities for today are also cancelled.

Update posted 9:45 a.m., Friday, February 27, 2015


Course Descriptions

COMM-1307 - Introduction to Mass Communication
COMM-1316 - News Photography
COMM-1335 - Survey of Radio and Television
COMM-2305 - Editing and Layout
COMM-2311 - Reporting I
COMM-2311 - News Gathering & Reporting I
COMM-2315 - News Gathering and Reporting II
COMM-2332 - Radio/Television News
COMM-2339 - Writing for Radio, Television & Film
COMM-2366 - Introduction to Cinema
COMM-2366 - Film Appreciation
FLMC-1311 - Survey of the Motion Picture
FLMC-1404 - Lighting for Film or Video
FLMC-2434 - Directing for Film or Video
RTVB-1150 - Radio Experience I
RTVB-1355 - Radio and Television Announcing
RTVB-1402 - Computer Applications Media Production
RTVB-1409 - Audio/Radio Production I
RTVB-1421 - TV Field Production
RTVB-1425 - TV Studio Production
RTVB-1447 - Audio/Radio Production II
RTVB-2250 - Radio Experience II
RTVB-2265 - Practicum - Radio and Television
RTVB-2347 - Manag/Operat Electronic Media Facility
RTVB-2430 - Film and Video Editing
RTVB-2487 - Internship-Radio & TV Broadcasting
RTVB-2487 - Internship - Radio and Television


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