Performance Requirements

You must be able to meet the following performance requirements. 

Physical Requirements

  • Visual acuity with corrective lenses to:
    • Identify cyanosis
    • Observe absence of respiratory movements in patients
    • Read very fine, small print on medication containers, physician's orders, monitors and equipment calibrations
  • Hearing ability with auditory aids to:
    • Understand the normal speaking voice without viewing the speaker's face
    • Hear monitor alarms, emergency signals and call bells from patients
    • Take/hear blood pressure, lung, heart, vascular and abdominal sounds with stethoscope
  • Manual dexterity to:
    • Use sterile technique, for example, to insert catheters or prepare and administer medications
    • Manipulate and assemble equipment for use
  • Physical ability to:
    • Stand for prolonged periods of time
    • Perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation
    • Lift patients and objects of 35 pounds or more
    • Perform chest physio-therapy techniques using 2 hands
    • Push pieces of equipment from room to room
    • Maneuver in limited spaces

Communication Requirements

  • Communicate effectively in verbal and written form by:
    • Speaking clearly and succinctly when explaining treatment procedures, describing patient conditions and implementing health teaching
    • Writing legibly and correctly in patient's chart for legal documentation
  • Function safely under stressful conditions with the ability to adapt to ever changing environment inherent in clinical situations involving patient care
  • Computer skills to use a variety of software programs and the Internet for research and course projects, including PowerPoint for presentations



Respiratory Care
Trinity River Campus East
Center for Health Care Professions
245 E. Belknap Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Healthcare Professions Division



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