Career Coach buttonFive reasons to take speech:

  1. It's required. Speech is one of the requirements for the Core Curriculum. Most degree plans at TCC and other colleges and universities require that you take a speech course.
  2. You will gain important skills. You will spend a great deal of time listening and speaking with others during your working life. Surveys of business leaders and employers reveal that communication skills are indispensable.
  3. You will gain self-confidence. With encouragement and help from well-trained speech instructors, not only will you learn how to overcome the fear of giving a speech, but you will also achieve an even more important goal—pride in yourself.
  4. You will understand others better. Perhaps speech's greatest strength is giving insights from psychology, sociology and linguistics for improving human relationships.
  5. It's a fun class. You will have the opportunity to do a variety of group activities and projects or even compete in the forensics program. From community service projects to class activities, you will have a chance to be part of a group and to get to know your classmates.

Association Links

National Communication Association

Texas Speech Communication Association



Updated June 29, 2015


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