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Course Descriptions

CDEC-1317 - Child Development Associate Training I
CDEC-1321 - The Infant and Toddler
CDEC-1323 - Observation and Assessment
CDEC-1356 - Emergent Literacy for Early Childhood
CDEC-1358 - Creative Arts for Early Childhood
CDEC-1359 - Children With Special Needs
CDEC-1394 - Spec Topics - Childcare Provider/Asst
CDEC-1413 - Curriculum Resources Early Child Program Curriculum Resources for Early Childhood
CDEC-1419 - Child Guidance
CDEC-2307 - Math and Science for Early Childhood
CDEC-2322 - Child Development Associate Training II
CDEC-2324 - Child Development Associate Training III
CDEC-2326 - Admin of Programs for Children I
CDEC-2328 - Admin of Programs for Children II
CDEC-2341 - The School Age Child
CDEC-2386 - Intern-Early Childhood Provider/Asst
CDEC-2386 - Internship-Child Care Provider/Assist
EDUC-1300 - Learning Framework
EDUC-1301 - Introduction to The Teaching Profession
EDUC-1325 - Principles/Practices/Multicultural Educ
EDUC-2301 - Introduction to Special Populations
TECA-1303 - Families, School and Community
TECA-1311 - Educating Young Children
TECA-1318 - Wellness of The Young Child
TECA-1354 - Child Growth and Development


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