FAQs for Teacher Education

What is the Associate of Arts in Teaching (A.A.T.) degree?

The Associate of Arts in Teaching (A.A.T) is a 2-year academic degree designed to help you transfer smoothly into a teacher education program at one of our partner universities where you can continue on to earn a bachelor’s degree leading to teacher certification.

Are the EDUC and TECA courses transferable?

The EDUC and TECA courses are transferable to our partner institutions as specified by each university’s degree plan.

Refer to the education advisor at the Northeast Campus or South Campus.

How many credit semester hours are included in the A.A.T.?

  • 60 hours for EC–6th Specialization
  • 60 hours for 4th–8th Specialization
  • 60 hours for 8th–12th Specialization

See our degree plans for more information.

Can I teach with the A.A.T.?

No, teaching in Texas requires a bachelor’s degree and completion of an approved certified program.

What are “labs” or “field experiences"?

EDUC courses and most TECA courses have a field experience. When you are enrolled in EDUC courses, you are required to observe certified teachers in a classroom setting (private or public).

Classroom observations are scheduled on an individual basis, primarily according to your availability.

How do I find education courses on the schedule during registration?

Education and early childhood courses can be found under the prefixes EDUC and TECA.

Are background checks required each semester?

No. Once you are enrolled in EDUC and TECA courses, TCC conducts background checks on you once a year. Some school districts require additional background checks.

Are education courses offered in the summer at TCC?

Periodically, 1 course, TECA 1301 –Family, School and Community, is taught during the summer. The other education courses are offered during the fall and spring semesters.

How can I be admitted to the education program?

You do not have to apply for admission into the education program. If you are a student at the Northeast Campus, you have to complete paperwork before you are allowed to register for the courses.

If you are blocked from registering for an EDUC or TECA course, you need to contact:

Northeast Campus
Lisa Tilley, Instructional Associate
NFAC 1231

South Campus
Frances Gardner, Instructional Associate
SMITH 1121

What is the THEA?

THEA is the Texas Higher Education Assessment. Most universities require the THEA for admission into their education programs.

Each university has specific minimum score requirements.



Updated June 29, 2015


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