Service Activity Disciplines

Examples of service activity disciplines:


  • Build a Habitat for Humanity® home in your area.
  • Help those in a gentrified area who cannot rebuild to clean up their home.


  • Study and implement sustainable agriculture.
  • Ask a local farm owner if you can take over the care of a crop.


  • Create recycled art and sell the items in an auction for a non-profit agency.
  • Use art therapy techniques at a local children's hospital.


  • Host an employment fair on the college campus.
  • Host a resume writing course or an interview skills training course.

Computer Science

  • Host a computer training session for a non-profit agency.
  • Show elementary school students how to build a website.


  • Organize a "Study Buddy" reading program in an elementary school.
  • Organize a tutoring program in the community.


  • Volunteer to write publications for a non-profit agency.
  • Teach elementary students how to use "".


  • Visit high-schools and host mock elections.
  • Go to city council meetings and offer to write up their meeting minutes.


  • Offer free health treatment to the indigent population.
  • Host free health and wellness seminars on campus.


  • Show a film to a local high school and host a roundtable discussion.
  • Design historical skits to show to elementary school students.


  • Develop a matrix for the college to track the progress of tutored students.
  • Host math seminars in the community or build a tutoring website.


  • Identify the markers of a fulfilling life and create a plan to move towards reaching those goals.
  • Create a philosophy blog online.

Political Science

  • Engage the population in local government.
  • Teach elementary students the Constitution through skits and or a play.


  • Host a speech debate on campus.
  • Host an interview skills training course.


  • Evaluate the quality of water in a local park.
  • Measure the carbon footprint of the college and take steps to reduce it.


  • Offer to assist a local woman's shelter with population research.
  • Design a realistic budget for a single parent and children. Shop at a local market with food stamps. Create a plan for improving the welfare system.



Updated May 27, 2014


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