As a representative of Tarrant County College, you should carefully read through and abide by the following guidelines created to assist you in having the most productive experience possible.

Before the Experience

  • Start early in completing service learning hours.
  • Choose at least 3 agencies.
  • Find an agency that interests you and matches your course objectives. Always keep in mind how your service learning experience ties into your coursework. Talk with your professor if you are having difficulty making the connections.
  • Use professional phone etiquette when arranging your service with the agency. Speak clearly when leaving your information.
    • Example: "Hi, my name is ___ and I'm a Service Learning student at TCC. I'm interested in volunteering at your agency. Please call me at ___ between the hours of ___and ___or you may reach me at ___.
  • Realize that many agencies accept only a few participants. Be flexible and understanding of any and all requirements they may have.

During the Experience

  • Attend any orientations or interviews that your agency requires. This is your chance to ask questions and determine if you feel comfortable with your selected agency.
    • At this point, you will probably set a schedule of your available times and days to participate.
    • Also, you will be given the opportunity to learn about rules and regulations, expectations of your duties, etc.
  • Clarify your learning objectives, hour requirements and reason for being there with the agency supervisor.
  • Make sure you know how to exit your service site in case of an emergency. Write down important agency contact information in case you need to contact the supervisor.
  • The collection of donations from students is strongly prohibited on any TCC campus.
  • Talk with your instructor if you ever face difficulty at the agency location.
  • Do not:
    • Stay in any agency location in which you do not feel comfortable.
    • Give or loan someone money or personal belongings.
    • Make promises or commitments that you cannot keep.
    • Use your personal vehicle to give someone a ride or provide services for your partner agency.

Professional Skills

  • Be punctual and responsible in completing your commitment to your service learning site. Always call the agency if you will be late or cannot serve.
    • Do not report to your service site under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
  • Keep all information about clients confidential–even from your instructor–and don't assume that you will be in direct contact with the clients that the agency serves.
  • Wear appropriate clothing when performing your service. Expensive jewelry and clothing are discouraged.
  • Do not tolerate or engage in inappropriate behavior or verbal exchanges, including:
    • Verbal exchanges of a sexual nature or behavior that might be perceived as sexual.
    • Verbal exchange or behavior that might be perceived as discriminating against an individual on basis of her/his age, race, gender, sexual orientation, ability or ethnicity.


Updated June 24, 2015


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