Study Abroad

International Initiatives

As part of our mission to support Success Within Reach for our students, we offer travel-based opportunities to give you life-changing experiences while earning college credit.

Why travel-based study?

Our International Initiatives Program enriches your studies by letting you:

  • Learn a foreign language,
  • Develop a world perspective on academic subjects,
  • Build awareness and understanding of global citizenship,
  • Fine-tune valuable career skills, such as critical thinking and leadership, and
  • Become more accepting and appreciative of other cultures.

When you complete one of our international study programs, you will be introduced to and better prepared for successful futures in a global setting. We aim to prepare you for living and working in a global world as a global citizen, where you place your identity with a “global community” above your identity as a citizen of a particular nation or place.

Student on a trip to Costa Rica

Current Travel Opportunities


Updated November 03, 2015


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