Study Abroad

International Initiatives

As part of our mission to support Success Within Reach for our students, we offer travel-based opportunities to give you life-changing experiences while earning college credit.

Why travel-based study?

Our International Initiatives Program enriches your studies by letting you:

  • Learn a foreign language,
  • Develop a world perspective on academic subjects,
  • Build awareness and understanding of global citizenship,
  • Fine-tune valuable career skills, such as critical thinking and leadership, and
  • Become more accepting and appreciative of other cultures.

When you complete one of our international study programs, you will be introduced to and better prepared for successful futures in a global setting. We aim to prepare you for living and working in a global world as a global citizen, where you place your identity with a “global community” above your identity as a citizen of a particular nation or place.

Student on a trip to Costa Rica

Current Travel Opportunities


Goals for International Citizenship

Tarrant County College wants our students, faculty, staff, and surrounding community to be the best global citizens they can be. We actively encourage our community to:

  • Perceive culture, religion, and values as not universally shared.
  • Understand that nations, cultures, and people bring unique voices to global citizenship.
  • Explore the importance of global cooperation.
  • Identify society as an element of global diversity, similarity, and interdependency.
  • Develop solutions of understanding for global conflicts and issues.


Updated January 23, 2015


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