Home School and Concurrent Enrollment Students

Application and registration procedures for home school students are similar to those of traditional college students. 

Home School and Concurrent Enrollment students attend classes at a TCC Campus with other college students.

They are not:

  • Placed in classes with other dual credit high school students
  • Part of the contracted Dual Credit Program that TCC has with area public and private schools

The only similarity: Home School and Concurrent Enrollment students must fill out an early college high school enrollment form and must choose this option while completing TCC Active Apply Online.

Since most home school and concurrent enrollment students do not have the benefit of a liaison, such as a high school counselor, to guide them through the process, home school students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the Registrar Office at the TCC campus of their choice to discuss opportunities and requirements. 

Apply for Admission to TCC Concurrent Enrollment Program

Home school students are required to submit an application for admission to TCC via TCC Active Apply. This should be completed prior to visiting a TCC Campus

TSI Assessment

Students who do not have documentation of exemption criteria for the TSI Assessment will be required to take the assessment. 

First, students must visit the Advisement Office on the campus of their choice to view the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) video.

Next, prospective students will be referred to the appropriate campus Testing Center to schedule their TSI exam.

Documents Required for Registration

The following documents will be required for registration, and it is recommended that they be taken to the initial appointment:

  • Official High School Transcript
    • Home school students: Please review TCC's Transcript Creation Guide for Home-Schooled Students (PDF will open in new window) for home school transcript guidelines and requirements.
    • Concurrent enrollment students: Please get a copy of your official high school transcript from the counseling office at your high school.
  • Official records documenting exemption from TSI assessments if applicable.
    • Exemption criteria include qualifying scores from PSAT/NMSQT, ACT, SAT, TAKS or STAAR tests.
  • Documentation of meningitis (MCV-4) vaccination

Currently, TCC has no provisions for online enrollment for home school students or concurrent enrollment students, so registration must be completed in person at a Registrar’s Office.

Payment for tuition is due prior to midnight of the same day of registration for classes. Options for payment include:

  • In-Person: Cash, check, credit/debit card or money order
  • Online: Credit/Debit card
  • Payment Plan

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) Lower-Division Academic Course Guide Manual (ACGM) contains the official list of approved courses that are guaranteed to transfer to public universities from public community and technical colleges in Texas.



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Updated September 19, 2014


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