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What courses are offered in the Dual Credit program?

Dual Credit courses include academic courses as well as career and technical courses. These courses serve as paths to academic degree programs or college-level workforce education courses.

Our specific course offerings are determined through written agreements between the Independent School Districts (ISD) and TCC. Depending on the agreement with the ISD, courses may not be offered every semester. Please confirm offerings with the TCC Dual Credit Coordinator/Director for your campus.

The College reserves the right to add, change or cancel any course section as necessary.

How do I know if Dual Credit is right for my student?

Consider these questions:

An Investment with Benefits

The State of Texas’ Senate Bill 148 requires each institution of higher education to adopt a Core Curriculum of up to 48 hours of college. This core of classes can be transferred in block to any state college/university in Texas to be substituted for the core of the receiving institution. Tarrant County College has implemented the 46-hour transferable core curriculum.

Dual Credit courses are recognized in the state of Texas (both public and private colleges and universities).



Dual Credit

Richard Vela, Director of Dual Credit



Updated June 23, 2015

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