Embajadores de la Comunidad (EDLC)

Through a series of four informational and interactive classes, participants learn about the educational system of the United States and establish networks of support that will help them grow as parents, individuals and members of the community.

The program is taught entirely in Spanish and is offered at no cost to the participants.

Course Topics

  • The U.S. Educational System
  • Road to Higher Education
  • Laws and Policies
  • Immigration: Myths and Realities

Course Locations

  • Elementary and middle schools throughout Tarrant County
  • The Proyecto Immigrante ICS Inc. offices
  • Each TCC campus, except for Southeast Campus


College Access and Community Outreach



Updated August 22, 2013


Tarrant County College District 1500 Houston Street Fort Worth, Texas 76102
Information Center: 817-515-8223 Hearing / Speech Impaired (TTY)
Online Institutional Resumes (per Sec. 51A.002, Texas Education Code)
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