Weekend Classes and Registration

With our Weekend Classes, you can complete a college degree or the transferable core curriculum while attending classes only on weekends.

If you are a new student with no previous college credit, you can ordinarily complete an associate degree or the transferable basics/core curriculum within eight (8) fall or spring semesters.

If you take a combination of elearning and weekend classes, you will be able to finish in less time.

Planning Your Program

While many of the basics/core curriculum courses will be offered each semester, some of the major courses may be offered on an alternating semester basis.

You may need to attend more than one campus to complete your degree or basics/core curriculum course requirements.

Courses with required lab hours may need to be completed outside of the Weekend Class time frame.

If you need to enroll in developmental course(s) to satisfy the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements, you can take the required course(s) by attending Weekend Classes.

Student Support and Services

Hours of operation for student support, student services and labs vary by campus.

Check the weekend service hours for your campus:

Check Classes and Register

You may:

  • Consult the catalog for course descriptions, prerequisites and general requirements.
  • View the current class schedule to see course availability, meeting times and locations.
  • Register either online or in person at the campus Registrar's office.
  • Check important dates and deadlines on the TCCD Master Calendar.



Updated February 14, 2014


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