Student Services


Career Coach buttonAs a TCC student, you have access to a wide variety of student services to help you succeed and enjoy your college experience.

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Academic Advisement

Academic advisement, degree planning, counseling

Bookstores and Textbooks

Campus bookstores, online bookstore, textbook alternatives

Career and Employment

Jobs, career fairs, resume building, career planning, mentor program

Costs and Payments

Tuition, payments, fees, fines, refunds, electronic funds transfers

Disability Support

ADA compliance, request an accommodation, blind/deaf exemption, DSS procedures manual

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Federal student aid, grants, loans, scholarships, work study


Apply for graduation, graduation ceremony, diplomas, graduating with honors

Health and Fitness

Health services, wellness programs, recreation, fitness centers, intramural sports

Learning Resources

Libraries, labs, tutoring

Student Activities

Student organizations, clubs

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Scholastic dishonesty, disciplinary actions, appeals, rights and responsibilities

Student IDs and Parking Permits

Student IDs, parking permits, parking maps

Student Records

Transcripts, grades, enrollment verifications, record changes, academic suspension, academic fresh start


Placement tests, TSI Assessment, CLEP, Credit-by-Exam, GED, HESI-A 

Title IX–Sexual Misconduct Protocol

Definitions, reporting, confidentiality and procedures related to maintaining a respectful, professional academic and working environment

Transfer Resources

Info about transferring from TCC to a university or transferring to TCC from a different school

Transportation, Housing, Childcare and Food

Veterans and Military

Veteran affairs, GI Bill, Hazlewood, Texans in the Military


Updated July 22, 2015


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