Student and Advisor Roles

Student Roles and Responsibilities


  • Discuss their long-range goals with their advisors.
  • Discuss their choice of a major with their advisors.
  • Make final decisions about choices concerning academic matters.
  • Are able and willing to ask intelligent questions about their degree programs.
  • Contact and make appointments with their advisors when required or when in need of assistance.
  • Keep advising appointments and are on time.
  • Keep their advisors informed of changes in schedules, academic problems, choice of major, etc.
  • Gather decision-making information before appointments.
  • Follow through on referrals.
  • Become knowledgeable and adhere to institutional policies, procedures and requirements.
  • Follow through on actions identified during each advising session.
  • Accept responsibility for decisions and academic choices.

Advisor Roles and Responsibilities


  • Are available to students on a regular basis.
  • Create an atmosphere of openness, caring and concern.
  • Help students define and develop realistic educational/career plans.
  • Assist students in planning a program consistent with their abilities and interests.
  • Monitor progress toward educational/career goals.
  • Interpret and provide rationale for instructional policies, procedures and requirements.
  • Approve all designated educational transactions (e.g., list of approved courses and alternatives).
  • Maintain notes in the Web-based advising file for each advisee.
  • Refer students when academic attitudinal, attendance or other personal problems require intervention by other professionals.
  • Inform students of the nature of the advisor/advisee relationship.
  • Assist advisees in identifying career opportunities.
  • Develop a caring relationship with advisees.
  • Inform students of special services available to them for remediation, academic assistance and other needs.
  • Provide students with up-to-date academic information about College and departmental graduation requirements.
  • Help resolve academic difficulties.


Updated May 13, 2014


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