TSI Waivers and Exceptions

All students taking college-level courses must satisfy Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements, unless they qualify for a TSI exemption, waiver or exception.

Waivers must be renewed each semester.

Certificate Waiver

Students who are pursuing a one-year certificate of completion of no more than 42 hours are temporarily relieved of remediation requirements of the TSI. Students with certificate waivers may enroll only in courses included in their certificate program. There may be courses in the certificate program that require placement testing.

Casual Student Waiver

Students who are not seeking a degree or certificate from a Texas public institution of higher education may qualify for a casual student waiver. Students enrolling with a casual student waiver cannot enroll for any TSI restricted course and are ineligible for federal or state financial aid.


In certain instances, a campus administrator can approve a delay in or change of a student's academic success plan, but TCC is still responsible for the outcomes of those decisions. Such decisions must include written justification recorded on the academic success plan.

Delays will not exceed one semester, and a copy must be retained with the student's academic success plan in the counseling center. The administrator who approved the delay or change should monitor the student's progress to ensure timely completion of requirements of the TSI.

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board provides more details about exemptions, exceptions and waivers.



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Updated February 09, 2015


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