Renting Textbooks

To help ease the ever increasing cost of attending college, campus bookstores are now offering the option of renting textbooks. Bookstores are working hard with instructors and textbook publishers to provide as many rental titles as possible to students.


Students must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Provide a driver's license/State ID
  • Provide a valid email address
  • Provide a valid credit card


Students can anticipate saving, on average, 50% or more versus the cost of purchasing a new textbook.

At the time of purchase, students will be charged the rental price for the book. After that, the student's credit card will only be charged if the student does not bring the books back by the return date.

Textbook Rentals

After registration and payment for courses, students can rent a textbook by:

  • Visiting the campus bookstore
  • Locating the textbook on the bookshelf
  • Identifying the "rent-a-text" tag
    • if there is no tag, then the book is not available for rental

Students can also check for the rental option on by locating the "rent-a-text" button on the specific textbook page. Students will still be required to rent the book in person at the bookstore.

Rental-to-Purchase Option

Within the first two weeks of class students will have the option of converting their rental into a standard purchase. Students will receive a refund of the rental fee and be charged regular retail price based on whether the book was new or used when it was rented.

Textbook Rental Returns

End of Term

Students should return textbooks to their campus bookstore by the return date indicated on their receipt. Textbook return policies will be observed.

Textbook rentals not returned by the return date on the receipt will be charged a non-return fee plus a processing fee. At that point, the textbook belongs to the student who can then choose to keep the book or sell it back during buy back.

Dropping a Class

Rental refunds will be allowed during the normal refund period. The regular refund rules will still apply: the book needs to be in the same condition as it was when it was rented and the student must provide a copy of their purchase receipt.



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Updated April 29, 2014


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