Refund Selection Kit

TCC has partnered with Higher One® since October 2012 to give you multiple convenient ways to receive refunds.


HigherOne green envelope

Look for the bright green envelope from Higher One!

Once you have registered for classes, if you are an eligible financial aid student or between the ages of 16 to 54, you will automatically receive a TCC Choice Card in the mail.

When it arrives, log into the website provided and enter the card number along with the personal information requested (detailed instructions are included in the envelope).

TCC Choice Card

Remember, even if you are not currently expecting a refund, TCC may have refund money for you in the future, so don't wait!

What do I need to do?

Make sure we have your current mailing address, no matter which option you choose.

  1. Visit WebAdvisor
  2. Login and select Students under the Main Menu.
  3. Select Address and E-mail Change under the User Account heading.

Please note: Due to high volume, address changes may not appear in WebAdvisor for up to three weeks. Please do not resubmit if you do not see your new address. Wait a few weeks and check again. Be sure to also update your address with the US Postal Service to avoid delays.

You must choose one of the following options to avoid any delays with refunds from TCC:

  • Open and use a Higher One checking account and TCC Choice Card
  • Use your existing bank account
  • Receive a paper check in the mail

Even if you wish to continue to receive funds in the same way you do now, you must log into the website that will be provided with your new TCC Choice Card and select the best option for you.

If you do not receive a TCC Choice Card within two weeks of registering, please call Business Services at 817-515-4PAY (4729).

Will I pay any fees?

To avoid incurring fees, swipe your card as a credit card and sign your name.

You can use the card as a debit card with a PIN, but there may be additional fees.

Have additional questions?

Learn more about the TCC Choice Card or check out our TCC Choice Card frequently asked questionsListen. (PDF will open in a new window)



Updated May 26, 2016


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