Gainful Employment Disclosures

For a certificate program to be considered eligible for federal Title IV aid, the program must lead to "gainful employment in a recognized occupation."

The U.S. Department of Education requires that institutions provide students with information regarding total costs for tuition and fees, graduation rates and debt-to-earnings ratios for gainful employment programs.

In compliance with federal Title IV regulations, Tarrant County College has provided information on our certificate programs leading to gainful employment.

How to Find Gainful Employment Disclosures for TCC Certificate Programs

Specific disclosures can be found:

  • Via the links below
  • Via the discipline pages. Specific disclosures can be found in the Related Links panel on the discipline pages. Access the discipline pages from Program Offerings.


 Certificate Names
Accounting Assistant I
Accounting Assistant II
Advanced Composite Technology
Advanced Convergent Technologies
Architectural Paraprofessional
Audio Production
Automotive Metal Repair
Automotive Refinishing
Aviation Maintenance Technology Airframe
Basic Firefighter
Basic Peace Officer
Building Technology
Catering/Private Chef
Child Care Administration
Cisco Support
Civil Technology
CNC Machinist Technology
Commercial Pilot Airplane
Commercial Pilot Helicopter
Computer Graphics
Computer Maintenance
Construction Inspection Technician
Crime Analyst
Culinary Arts II
Dietary Manager
Electronics Engineering Technology
Energy Technician
Engine Analysis Technician
Environmental Health and Safety Technician
Event Management
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
GIS Programmer
Graphic Communications
Health Information Technology
Heavy Line Technician
Informational Technology Support
Interior Construction Design
Landscape Specialist
Library Technician
Long Term Care Administration
Manufacturing Technology
Mechatronics Technician
Oil and Gas Production Technology
Paralegal Studies
Paramedic Program
Plant Protection Specialist
Preschool Child Care Provider
Railroad Dispatcher
Real Estate
Restaurant Operations
Restaurant Practitioner
Sign Language Communicator
Substance Abuse Counseling
Surgical Technology
Teacher Assistant
Video Production
Welding Advanced
Welding Basic


Certificate Programs Not Eligible for Financial Aid

Students who enroll in the following programs cannot receive financial aid.

  Certificate Names
ACCO.T003.UG Accounting Clerk
ACCO.T004.UG Accounting Clerk II
ACCO.T005.UG Accounting Clerk III
ACCO.T006.UG Basic Bookkeeper
AIRF.T002.UG Avionics Line Maintenance
ARCH.T004.UG Advanced Architectural Technical Skills Enhancement
ARCH.T006.UG Architectural Technology and Construction Management
ARCH.T007.UG Architectural Technology Skills Enhancement
ARCH.T009.UG Architectural Technology
ATPP.T002.UG Flight Instructor - Airplane
ATPP.T004.UG Flight Instructor – Helicopter
BUAD.T011.UG Business I
BUAD.T012.UG Business II
BUAD.T013.UG Fashion Merchandising I
BUAD.T014.UG Fashion Merchandising II
BUAD.T015.UG Fashion Sales Associate
BUAD.T016.UG Management I
BUAD.T017.UG Management II
BUAD.T018.UG Marketing I
BUAD.T019.UG Marketing II
BUAD.T020.UG Marketing Enhanced Skills
BUAD.T021.UG Marketing
BUAD.T022.UG Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management I
BUAD.T023.UG Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management II
BUAD.T024.UG Small Business Associate
BUAD.TA03.UG Accounting Assistant III
CADD.T013.UG Basic CAD Technician
CHIL.T006.UG Child Development Associate Certificate
CHIL.T007.UG After School Provider
CONS.T008.UG Construction Management Technology
CONS.T009.UG Residential and Commercial Site Layout and Framer Assistant
CONS.T010.UG Computer-Aided Construction Scheduling
CRIM.T006.UG Security Management
CULI.T007.UG Culinary Arts I
DIET.T006.UG Nutrition Specialist I
DIET.T007.UG Food and Nutrition Coach
DIET.T008.UG Healthy Meal Planning
ELEC.T007.UG Energy Technician
ELEC.T008.UG Fundamentals of Electronics
ELEC.T009.UG Fundamentals of Oil and Gas production
EMER.T003.UG Emergency Medical Technician
EMER.T004.UG Critical Care
GRPH.T005.UG Enhanced Web Design
GRPH.T006.UG Photographic Retouching
HEAT.T005.UG Residential HVAC Technician I
HEAT.T006.UG Residential HVAC Technician II
HEAT.T007.UG HVAC Installer
ITCS.T002.UG Advanced Cisco Support
ITCS.T007.UG Game and Simulation Programming I
ITCS.T008.UG Game and Simulation Programming II
ITCS.T009.UG Network Support
ITCS.T010.UG Programming I
ITCS.T011.UG Programming II
ITCS.T012.UG Security I
ITCS.T013.UG Security II
ITCT.T004.UG Convergence SOHO Technologies
ITCT.T005.UG Convergence Cloud Technologies
MENT.T004.UG Social Work
OFTP.T001.UG Administrative Specialist
OFTP.T002.UG Application Specialist
OFTP.T003.UG Office Technology Specialist
OFTP.T004.UG Office Assistant
SIGN.T002.UG Basic American Sign Language Acquisition
SIGN.T003.UG Intermediate Communicator



Updated March 20, 2015


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