For transfer scholarships to other universities, visit Transfer Resources.

Student Financial Aid Services Office Scholarships and Programs

Student Financial Aid Services Office (SFAS) makes available various other Financial Aid Programs/Scholarships upon completion of your FAFSA/TASFA application. For more information on any of the following programs, contact your campus Student Financial Aid Services.

  • Stars of Tomorrow Program: Provides financial awards if you're a current high school graduate (public, private or home-schooled) who graduates in the top half of your class and if your family meets specified income thresholds. Awards of up to $800 per semester are granted if you're eligible. Visit Stars of Tomorrow for complete eligibility and application information.

  • Tarrant County College Book Scholarship: Provides a $400 per semester award. Requires enrollment of nine hours minimum, at least a 2.75 GPA and an EFC greater than $4,401.

  • T-STEM Challenge Scholarship Program: The T-STEM Challenge Scholarship provides $2,500 per year if you're entering a STEM field. To be considered, you must:
    • Be a declared major in a STEM instructional program
    • Submit your  T-STEM Challenge scholarship applicationListen
    • Submit your official high school/GED transcript to our Registrar's office
    • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in high school math and science courses
    • Agree to complete 30 hours of coursework in 2015-2016 (Fall, Spring, Summer)
    • Complete 80% of coursework per semester
    • Be registered with Selective Service (Only for men between the ages of 18-25)
  • Mary I. Gourley Scholarship: A scholarship program that uses your financial need, age, family obligations, prior academic achievement and recommendations from the Director of SFAS as the main criteria to select applicants. In addition, preference is given to heads of household and students who have a medical/handicap condition or have a child with a medical/handicap condition. Recipients must have completed 30 College hours, be enrolled in at least 12 hours and achieved a 3.0 cumulative GPA to receive this award. Contact your campus SFAS Director for application instructions.

TCC Foundation, TCC Department and Outside Scholarships

The TCC Foundation administers a variety of scholarships, including general Foundation scholarships, community, faculty/staff development and school district partnerships. For scholarship requirements, how to apply and important dates visit the TCC Foundation website.

Academic program scholarships are also available with various award criteria. These awards generally require a specific major. Contact the department of your academic program or view available scholarshipsListen(PDF will open in new window) for more information.

Private organizations, including businesses, churches, civic groups and clubs, also make scholarships available to deserving students. Check with your local library and private organizations for scholarships. Search these sites for more scholarships:

State of Texas Exemptions, Waivers, Scholarships and Other Aid Programs

TCC also participates in many of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's (THECB) exemptions, waivers, scholarships and other aid programs. Find more information about these programs on the THECB website


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