Employee Wellness Initiatives

Northeast Campus

Shape-Up TCC-NE (PDF will open in a new window) is a wellness initiative sponsored by Health Services and HPE.

Employees at Northeast Campus will be allowed to have a 30-minute wellness break each day during the school year with supervisor approval and proper documentation. The TCC Northeast Campus Wellness Brochure and Recreation Schedule (PDFs will open in a new window) highlight classes and activities available for employee participation.

How to Participate

(All forms below are PDF and will open in a new window.)

  1. Get permission from your supervisor
  2. Complete the PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire)
  3. Fill out the optional Living Well Fitness Testing Form
  4. Send the completed PAR-Q to: NHPE, Attention: Eli Koenn
  5. Download/print the activity form you would like to use to keep track of your progress:
    Detailed Activity Sheet
    Basic Participation Verification Form
  6. Be sure to get your activity form stamped when you arrive and when you leave at "CHECK OUT" (located on the main floor of NHPE) for verification of time spent in the Fitness Center

Employees can participate in a variety of workouts or shape-up activities:

Northwest Campus

The Northwest Wellness Program offers numerous resources to meet the health and wellness needs of our faculty and staff. The following are a few of the programs available that are designed to encourage and support faculty and staff in living a more active and healthy lifestyle. 

Fitness Challenge

Every semester, we offer a friendly competition among faculty and staff to track the number of personal exercise sessions on campus. Our wellness display board is decorated in a fun theme for each semester and faculty and staff log workouts by placing stickers on the board. If you reach the designated goal of 40 stickers by the end of the semester, you win a prize.  There are also significant bragging rights for the top male and female winners…we get a bit competitive on the NW campus. 

Early Bird Workout Hour

The gym is reserved for faculty and staff only from 7 a.m. – 8 a.m., Monday through Friday. This hour is for faculty and staff to be able to access the facility without the distraction and noise of classes and students.

We host workshops, health fairs, walk/run events, personal health and fitness consultations, goal setting assistance, stress relieving tips and trainings, and much more!

For more information about NW Campus wellness activities, please contact Toni Pannell at 817-515-7077.

South Campus

The Wellness Program is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle for TCC South Campus and MOC administration, faculty and staff. The emphasis is on the individual's physical fitness level and the promotion of good health habits.

Participants have an initial consultation with Mr. Tim Johnson to set up a personal profile. They are then tested on blood pressure, aerobic capacity / sub-max VO2 test, flexibility, strength, body composition, and resting heart rate. Their results are compared with norms for their age/gender category, and then based on these results, short-term and long-term goals are set up.

Mr. Johnson designs an exercise program to reach these goals without putting the employee at a high risk for injury. Mr. Johnson will work with an individual until he or she is comfortable with his or her program. Participants will be re-tested when short-term goals are reached, and then their programs will be adjusted to reach long-term goals.

Mr. Johnson has a master's degree in exercise physiology and has worked in two university exercise physiology labs doing extensive testing. He has worked as an exercise physiologist, assisting corporate executives and professional athletes in setting up workout programs. He has implemented wellness programs at two other colleges and for several corporations. Mr. Johnson is a professional speaker at conferences on setting up wellness programs.

Southeast Campus

Participate in classes or work out on your own in the gym, weight room, cardio room or swimming pool.

Wellness Schedule Spring 2014 (PDF will open in a new window)

  • Open to all TCC faculty and staff
  • Designed to address beginners to more advanced levels
  • Flexible attendance – just come and join the fun when you can

For more information about SE Campus wellness activities, please contact Melissa Evans at 817-515-3078. 



Northeast Campus
Pat Marling, Health Services

Northwest Campus
Toni Pannell

South Campus
Tim Johnson

Southeast Campus
Melissa Evans



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