Math Emporium

Whether you need help with your math class or are looking to get ahead with your material, the new Math Emporiums on all TCC Campuses are the place for you. The Math Emporium encourages you to work at your own pace so you can better understand the material.

The Math Emporium offers you the following features:

  • Personalized Placement – Preassessment will allow you to skip material that you have already mastered. You spend more time on what you don’t understand and less time on what you have mastered.
  • Individualized Pacing – You are allowed to work at an accelerated pace and can complete more than one course. You do not have to wait to test with peers if you complete material early.
  • Interactive Computer Software – Provides online tutorials, guided solutions, examples, teaching videos, and more along with immediate feedback. A bank of homework problems allows you to keep working problems until correct.
  • Personalized On-Demand Assistance – Lectures are replaced by mini-lectures. Teachers and assistants will help you at your desk.
  • Mastery Learning – You must master material prior to moving to subsequent sections.
  • Mandatory Student Participation – You learn math by doing math. Most of your time is spent on working math problems. Class time is for working problems and receiving assistance as needed. Attendance policy will be in place.




Updated January 19, 2016


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