Community & Industry Education Student Parking Permits

Community & Industry Education student parking permits are free. Your campus Registrar issues your parking permit once you register.

Get Your Parking Permit

You need:

  • Current Driver's License
  • Class Schedule and Fee Statement
    You can print your Schedule and Fee Statement from WebAdvisor after you register and pay for your courses:
    1. Log in to WebAdvisor
    2. Select Students
    3. Select Schedule and Fee Statement (located in the Financial Information section)
    4. Select the term from the list (for example: 2013SU, 2013FL, 2014SP)
    5. Select Submit
    6. Select Click to Print

Display Your Parking Permit

Place your temporary permit in the lower right corner (passenger side) of the front windshield or on the dashboard (passenger side), so it can be read through the windshield.

Hang your parking permit from the rearview mirror with the permit number facing the windshield.

Replace a Lost Parking Permit

Replacement fee: $5

Contact a Campus Police Office for payment instructions.



Updated February 06, 2015

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