The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of academic records.

To view grades or an unofficial transcript online:

  1. Login to WebAdvisor
  2. Select Students
  3. Select Grade Point Average by Term or View Unofficial Transcript

Grades posted on myTCC or the virtual classroom are not official.

Grading System

A - excellent (4 points)

I - incomplete*

B - good (3 points)

W - approved withdrawal*

C - average (2 points)

NC - non credit*

D - passing (1 point)

AU - audit*

F - failure (0 points)

CR - credit*

*Does not calculate in GPA, including developmental courses.

Calculating GPA

First, calculate the total grade points earned.
A letter grade of A in ENGL 1301: 4 points x 3 semester hours = 12 grade points
A letter grade of B in BIOL 1401: 3 points x 4 semester hours = 12 grade points

The GPA (grade point average) = total grade points / total hours attempted.
24 total grade points/7 semester hours = 3.4 GPA

Change of Grade

Students may petition for a grade change within 30 days after the first class day of the next regular semester.

To request a change of grade, contact your instructor. If the instructor isn't available, contact the department chair.


Updated April 08, 2014


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