Mission and Goals


To provide affordable and open access to quality online teaching and learning.


A distance learning course is any course in which a student receives more than one-half of the instruction at a different location from that of the instructor.


The director of eLearning , in collaboration with the appropriate College District administrators and faculty, shall be responsible for:

  1. Providing approval, coordination, delivery and evaluation of courses and programs;
  2. Implementing and managing effective instructional technology and related resources to facilitate courses and programs;
  3. Ensuring all courses and programs are comparable and meet the quality standards applicable to on-campus courses and programs;
  4. Providing faculty members with ongoing technical and pedagogical training and with support services that are appropriate and specific to eLearning ;
  5. Ensuring that students enrolled in eLearning courses are provided appropriate academic services, student services and technical support; and
  6. Providing eLearning students with an adequate procedure for resolving complaints

TCCD Policies and Procedures: eLearning Listen (PDF file will open in a new window)



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Updated January 13, 2015


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