Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion (OIDI)


Our goal is to create and maintain inclusive and productive learning environments at TCC.

The Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion (OIDI) supports campus and District initiatives that provide opportunities for students, faculty and staff to increase their self-awareness and perspective, cultural competence, and understanding and acceptance around issues of diversity, equity and multiculturalism.

TCC’s intentional approach to diversity and inclusion affirms the presence and influence of identifiers such as:

  • Ability (physical, cognitive, emotional, etc.)
  • Age
  • Cultural expression
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender and gender identity
  • Linguistic heritage (English is not a first language)
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Sexual orientation
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Veteran status

Our Strategy

During Fall 2012, OIDI distributed a diversity assessment to all employees and students to determine the climate around diversity and inclusion at TCCD. The results of this survey were used to create the Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion (SPDI): From Vision to Action. 

Why Create a Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion?

Vision 2015 is TCC's five-year strategic plan that supports our mission to provide affordable and open access to quality teaching and learning.

Goal 2 of Vision 2015 addresses “affordability, accessibility, and diversity reflective of the community.” One of the supporting strategies for this goal is to “assess our current status of diversity around representation, management practices, and institutional climate, and use the assessment to create a diversity plan.”

In response to Goal 2, we created the Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion based on both OIDI goals and data gathered by the diversity and inclusion survey. The plan includes initiatives for students and employees to increase their cultural competence, self-awareness, and understanding and acceptance around issues of diversity and inclusion.

Then we created campus-based diversity and inclusion councils to address the themes identified by the diversity and inclusion survey. Activities are guided by each campus-based action plan

SPDI: From Vision to Action

Goal 1

Foster an inclusive institutional infrastructure and practices


  • Cultivate and sustain an institutional infrastructure that effectively supports and promotes progress on diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Support the College’s commitment to inclusive and equitable hiring practices
  • Market TCC as an institution that values diversity and inclusion

Goal 2

Provide employee training and development to increase inclusive competencies


  • Develop a shared understanding of diversity, inclusion, and cultural humility
  • Increase employee’s capacity to create inclusive and multicultural learning and working environments

Goal 3

Improve institutional climate and intergroup relations


  • Create an inclusive climate that affirms individual and group identities
  • Improve employee relations and employee engagement 

Get Involved

Opportunities to participate in the initiatives will exist largely at the campus level. Activities are guided by campus-based action plans, which were created from campus-specific data.

Training & Development

We offer training and development opportunities for students, staff and/or faculty. Trainings are offered by request through our office. Topics may include:

  • Facilitating student success through cultural humility
  • Who am I here at TCC?
  • Diversity in the classroom
  • Mining experiences of cultural humility

Foundations of Diversity and Inclusion

Our Foundations series consists of six sessions and is designed to create a more inclusive environment at TCC by fostering personal awareness. The series incorporates discussions, group activities and multi-disciplinary theories. Our goal is to facilitate personal and institutional cultural humility and intentional inclusion.

Free to Be Me

This session, offered to TCC employees, includes a discussion of the value of diversity in the workplace. Our facilitators help participants examine the skills and insights necessary to work in a multicultural environment.

Safe Space

Our program provides a foundation of knowledge needed to be an effective ally to LGBTQ students and those questioning their sexuality. We strive to make the college community a safer and more supportive place for people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions.



Andrew Duffield, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer


Updated May 10, 2016


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