Institutional Effectiveness and Compliance

The mission of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Compliance (IEC) is to facilitate continuous improvement through systematic documentation of performance measures in all aspects of the District's operations in support of TCCD's mission and its accreditation and compliance matters.

This is achieved through the development of institutional effective plans (IEPs) for each administrative planning unit. Currently there are 273 administrative planning units in TCCD covering all of the District's operations.

Our institutional effectiveness process provides for the development and implementation of unit plans that flow from the strategic plan. These unit assessment plans help to ensure that all units are engaged in initiatives that address institutional priorities and help achieve the District's mission.

Since the purpose of the planning and assessment activities is program improvement, planning units use the results of the assessment to develop plans for improvement. Thus the mainstay of TCCD's institutional effectiveness process is the submission and implementation of the IEPs.

The links below provide resource information on the various forms of TCCD's assessment.



John Chawana Mwangeka, Ph.D.
Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Compliance


Updated June 18, 2015

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