Doing Business with TCC

Business opportunities with TCC can benefit your company or organization. Our mission is to discover best value solutions in the purchase of products and services while presenting competitive opportunities.

Purchasing Requirements

Purchase transactions greater than $50,000 in value, either singularly or in aggregate over any given 12-month period, are competitively bid through a formal, sealed Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Quote (RFQ) unless the transaction is justified as sole source or the products/services are available through an interlocal agreement (e.g., TXMAS, DIR, BuyBoard).

RFPs and RFQs are advertised in the Commercial Recorder for one day per week for two consecutive weeks and are published on the TCCD website: Current Open Bids. The bid submission deadline will be at least two weeks from the last advertised date in the Commercial Recorder.

Once a supplier has been selected and terms are successfully negotiated, TCCD will release the results from RFPs and RFQs upon receipt of written request to

Purchase transactions valued between $5,000 and $50,000 require written quotations from at least two suppliers unless the transaction is justified as sole source, or the products/services are available through an interlocal agreement (e.g., TXMAS, DIR, BuyBoard).

Purchase transactions valued at under $5,000 require a single written quotation. TCCD also employs a P-Card program which may be used for low value purchases.

While there may be various other approaches to purchasing at TCCD, the above represents our general practices.

Suppliers should be certain to receive a fully executed TCCD purchase order (PO) or blanket purchase order (BPO) before incurring any cost(s), delivering product(s) or performing a service(s). The PO and BPO are the only authorized vehicles for committing District funds. Suppliers need to reference the relevant PO number or BPO number on invoices to facilitate prompt payment.

Questions regarding purchasing processes at TCCD can be sent to


TCCD's insurance requirements are contingent upon the type(s) of services to be rendered. There are five categories, and each one is described in detail below (All links below are PDF and will open in a new window):

Terms and Conditions

All purchases are governed by TCCD's General Terms and Conditions of Purchase(PDF will open in new window) unless specifically stipulated otherwise, in writing. The aforementioned terms and conditions are directly associated with TCCD's purchase orders (PO) and blanket purchase orders (BPO).

Commodity Codes

TCCD utilizes a streamlined list of commodity codes (PDF will open in new window) to identify the categories of goods and services typically procured.


(All links below are PDF and will open in a new window.)

Minority & Women Owned Business Enterprise

It is the policy of TCCD to form business alliances with certified Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises (M/WBE) that result in successful opportunities for certain categories of products and services. It will also provide equal opportunities to compete for contracts on services requested by TCCD. (All links below are PDF and will open in a new window.)

Questions regarding our M/WBE program should be directed to our Manager of Supplier Diversity, Andre McEwing at 817-515-1509.


Updated February 26, 2015


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