WebAdvisor and myTCC

  • WebAdvisor is a web interface through which you can perform a number of enrollment-related activities.
  • myTCC is a web interface through which you can send and receive email, communicate with instructors and sign up for text alerts.
  • Both will be available to you 24 hours AFTER being accepted for admission to the College.

WebAdvisor Information

WebAdvisor is available:
6 a.m. to Midnight – Registration and General Information
6 a.m. to 1 a.m. – Tuition and Fee Payment
WebAdvisor is not available from 1 to 6 a.m.

Main Menu

  • View course and faculty information – syllabus and textbooks
    • Access to Course/Faculty Information (HB 2504)

Student Menu

  • Request an evaluation of transfer credits
    • Click Transcript Evaluation Request
  • Register and/or add/drop classes
    • Click Register and Drop Sections
  • Pay tuition and fees
    • Click Payment Options
  • Review financial aid information
    • Click Financial Aid
  • View class schedules
    • Click My Class Schedule/Attendance
  • Check grades or print an unofficial transcript
    • Click Unofficial Transcript Request
  • Check progress towards a degree or certificate
    • Click Degree Audit
  • Change academic program
    • Click Degree Audit – Change My Academic Program
  • Commencement Participation Form
    • Click Commencement Participation Form
  • Request an official transcript
    • Click Request Official Transcript
  • Submit Meningitis documents
    • Click Meningitis Record Submission
  • Request to use VA Benefits
    • Click VA Benefits Request
  • Enrollment Verification
    • Click Enrollment Verification Letter

My Student Summary

  • Verify and/or update personal information
    • See Personal Information
  • View the status of admissions file
    • See Application Status/Admissions Documents
  • View the status of Commencement Participation Form
    • See Commencement Participation Form(s)

To Log in WebAdvisor

  • Visit WebAdvisor
  • Find your User Name
    • Click on WebAdvisor User Name/Password Help
    • Click on What’s My User Name?
    • Enter last name, Social Security Number or Colleague ID
    • Click Submit
    • Make a note of your User Name
    • Click Log In to continue
  • Log in using your default password
    • Enter User Name
    • First-time users enter last six digits of Social Security Number
    • Click Submit
    • At first log in, you are required to change password and enter password hints
    • Make a note of your Password
  • Forgot Your Password?
    • Click on What’s My Password Hint?
    • Enter User Name
    • If Password Hint doesn’t help, click on Change Password (I Do Not Know My Password)
      • Answer the security questions
      • Create a new password
      • Email confirmation sent to myTCC email address

myTCC Information

  • myTCC is available 24/7, unless noted.
  • All official TCCD communication, announcements, correspondence, important messages are sent through myTCC.
  • myTCC email may be activated the next business day AFTER being accepted for admission to the College. 

To Log into myTCC

  • Access myTCC
  • Use the WebAdvisor User Name and Password to log in.
  • To activate, you must log in and ACCEPT User Agreement.

For further information and assistance call 817-515-TCCD (8223).


Updated July 15, 2015


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