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Equity and Inclusion Councils

 The Equity and Inclusion Councils function as field entities of the Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI) to support its mission and the College’s three goals and eight principles. Consisting of faculty and staff, the councils will assist OEI work to help meet the objectives of the Equity and Inclusion Plan and support OEI’s mission.

The councils will participate in various activities (including training) over the next few years to measure/evaluate the effectiveness of the Equity and Inclusion Plan. Each council collaborates with OEI to develop strategic action plans for their specific locations based upon climate survey findings.

By doing this, the councils will provide opportunities for meaningful dialogue around the concepts of equity and inclusion that ultimately will facilitate awareness of one’s own and others’ identities and perspectives to build cultural humility.

To find out more about equity and inclusion opportunities and how to become involved, contact your council.

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Updated January 06, 2022